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Rok prijave 30.04.2021

Applications are now open to young adults ages 18-28 living in either Bosnia & Herzegovina or The United States.

We provide emerging leaders with the tools and community necessary to achieve greatness. 

Prismatic is a Chicago-based leadership development program using the power of emotional intelligence to drive confidence, clarity, resilience, and fulfillment in our next generation of social-change leaders. We’ve worked with hundreds of students throughout the US as well as internationally through our partnership with the US Embassy in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Our Social-Innovation Fellowship is a unique opportunity designed to turn your big ideas into action and give you the skills and mentorship to lead with intention. 

In Phase 1 of the fellowship, we provide comprehensive, research-backed frameworks designed to help you build your leadership skills while propelling your ideas forward through Design Thinking, entrepreneurship, and professional mentorship.

In Phase 2, you will form a team of like-minded fellows and apply your new skills with $5,000 in seed funding to design and launch original projects in your impact area. We’ll continue to help you along the way with organized meetups and a seasoned mentor dedicated to helping you succeed.

Following completion of the program, you will enter into a global community of Prismatic students addressing tough challenges with passion, innovation, and community.

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