OSCE poziv za prijavu na roster partnera za implementaciju projekata

20 jun

Misija OSCE-a u Bosni i Hercegovini povremeno ima potrebu za imlementacijom razlicitih projekata u saradnji sa lokalnim partnerima – neprofitnim organizacijama. Prema nasim pravilima obavezni smo imati spisak potencijalnih partnera sa kompetencijama u oblastima za koje OSCE ima mandat u BiH, tzv roster, koji se formira kroz javni poziv za prijavu svih potencijalnih partnera.


1.1       Background

The General Framework Agreement for Peace (GFAP) in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) shapes the work of the OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina (the Mission). GFAP established the Mission as one of the bodies responsible for helping to secure lasting peace in BiH and thus to build a stable, secure, and democratic state.

The Mission’s principal aim is to promote stability and reconciliation while assisting BiH on its path to regional political, economic and social integration. Mission’s activities seek to foster systems of governance, justice and education that uphold human rights and the rule of law for all citizens. Moreover, the Mission supports the development of an effective, responsive, and inclusive security sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in keeping with international standards.

Based in the capital city of Sarajevo, the Mission relies on its network of 8 field offices to fully engage citizens and authorities at all levels – municipal, cantonal, entity, as well as State. To adapt as necessary to social and political developments, the structure of Mission’s field work and activities remains flexible. Six focus areas comprise the Mission’s approach: Human Rights; Education; Rule of Law; Gender Equality; Democratic Governance; and Security Co-operation.

1.2       Definition of an Implementing Partner (IP)

In carrying out its project implementation, the OSCE may engage an Implementing Partner (IP). An IP is either a government or non-government entity or agency that is engaged to supplement the work of the OSCE by helping to implement a project or a component of a broader project.  Based on the Implementing Partner Agreement, an IP undertakes day-to-day management of a project or its component, including the management of funds and human resources, planning and executing project activities, self-evaluation and monitoring of its activities. IPs used by the OSCE should be not-for-profit organizations and should operate in conformity with national and international legislation in the areas in which they are active.


2.1       Announcing a Call for Roster

The OSCE Mission to BiH is publishing a public call, inviting eligible organizations and entities to apply for the roster of pre-qualified IPs that the Mission will be able to further engage in implementing projects of various size and complexity and in that way support the achievement of Mission objectives. All interested and eligible organizations and entities, including implementing partners used by the Mission in the past, are invited to follow the application procedure outlined below and, complying with obligatory conditions set out in the call, submit their application.

2.2       Eligibility of Applicants

The types of entities that may qualify as IPs include:

  • Ministries and other entities of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Government;
  • Non-Governmental (not for profit) organizations;
  • Public institutions (i.e. publicly funded entities used and operated for public purposes, including educational institutions); and
  • UN agencies and other public international organizations.

2.3       Minimum Requirements

  • Experience working with international organizations;
  • At least (2) years of relevant sector experience and capacity to develop, manage, implement and monitor projects of various size and complexity;
  • A minimum of two (2) core staff with technical expertise in the management of funds and human resources, planning and execution of project activities.

You can find all additional information here.

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