MOLDOVA: Eighth Summer School 2024

30 mar
Rok prijave 31.03.2024

About 2024 speakers, lectures


Syllabus, applicant benefits and requirements


Like in the past years, the Energy Community Summer School focuses on energy sectors in transition, in particular in South Eastern and Eastern Europe. The programme takes into account the broader geographical context in Europe and possibly beyond and will go beyond a mere training programme for energy-related topics. It allows participants to understand the energy sectors in their full complexity and provide them a platform for exchange and contribution to shaping the sectors’ future.

The Summer School will cover

  • scientific,
  • legal,
  • economic,
  • cultural,
  • political as well as,
  • technical aspects

of the energy supply chain and include both theoretical elements and practical training through case studies and mock cases.  The best group will receive an award.

The Energy Community Summer School programme will offer a combination of course work, guest lectures and social / cultural activities. During the training, participants will attend lectures taught by high-level scholars from academia as well as experts and practitioners from  leading energy companies etc. The social / cultural activities comprise a welcome reception on 20 July, a guided tour of the city of Chisinau, including a whole day trip outside the capital.

Application period: 22 January – 31 March 2024

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