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28 jul
Rok prijave 31.07.2020

We’re on the lookout for someone to help us with all the administrative and marketing tasks for our new office in Banja Luka. That’s right, we are looking for anOffice Assistant. If you’re an office assistant with a knack for marketing than this opportunity might be just perfect for you. What does an Office Assistant at Klika do you might say. Well, let’s begin…

Your role and responsibilities
You would be our first point of contact in ourBanja Lukaofficefor visitors and our employees. Expect to share the office with 3 to 4 engineers in the beginning but be ready for many new colleagues in the upcoming months. It will be your responsibility tohandle alladministrative tasksregarding our employees and office operations (contract, operational andtax administration). We expect from every one of our team members to strive for better and grow in their career. We expect that from you also. So be prepared toworkclosely with ourDesign&Marketingteam on projects we have planned for this office. To sum it all up nicely, your responsibilities as the Office Assistant would be:

* Daily administrative tasks to ensure the functionality, coordination and optimal operations within our Banja Luka office
* Maintaining accurate records and keeping office/employee data up to date.
* Daily communication with our office in Sarajevo and local vendors
* Handle all incoming mail/email, messages and phone calls to our new office
* Monitor and manage our office and kitchen supplies
* Working on new initiatives and operational projects

As previously mentioned, you would also be collaborating with our Design&Marketing team on various task. So, expect to occasionally be:

* Collaborating with team members on implementing various marketing strategy objectives.
* Supporting our marketing team in organizing various online/on-site projects
* Assisting in the organization of promotional events to facilitate their success
* Engaging our community in various internal culture building initiatives
* Contributing ideas for improving marketing and employee engagement standards and processes

About you
You are someone with a BS degree inBusiness Administration, Finance,Marketing, Psychologyor similarrelevant field. You should be someone with previousoffice administration experience, bonus point if you also had somemarketing experience. You’ve beenworking in IT?You get another set of bonus points for that. As a first point of contact for our office in Banja Luka, you should also be someone with awarm personality,excellentcommunicationand organizationalskills. We expect from every one of our employees to be able tocommunicate, both written and verbal, on Englishand so should you. You are a multitasker with great digital skills, especially inMicrosoft365 tools.

What next?
If you’re ready to be a part of a team that works together to achieve both technical and personal greatness be sure to hit apply.

Application deadline:31.07. (23:59)

We will carefully select all the candidates for the next steps. For a detailed info on our hiring process and what to expect, be sure to check out our Careers [https://klika.ba/careers] page.

Not sure if you’re the right person for this? You need more info about the project or us? Don’t worry, I’m here for you 🙂 Be sure to drop me a message whichever way you like:

* E-mail: harun.brkovic @ klika.ba
* Phone: +38762968689
* Viber: +38762968689
* Linkedin:https://www.linkedin.com/in/harunklikaba

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