Joint Master in Political Science – Integration and Governance (PoSIG)

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How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in the Joint Master in Political Science – Integration and Governance.The call for applications for the academic year 2024/2025 are now open. Please note that applications will be processed on an on-going basis.

Final Deadline: 15 April 2024.

If selected, please note that you will have to provide the PoSIG Coordinators’ Board with the originals of your university degree and transcript of records. Applicants completing the degree entry requirements subsequently to the application deadline are requested to provide a current transcript of records. Admittance into the programme is conditional upon documentation of completion of studies prior the beginning of the new academic year (31 August 2024).All candidates will be contacted via email after the selection process is completed. The shortlisted candidates will be notified in early May 2024 for interviews.Wishing you good luck for the selection process,The PoSIG TeamBefore you submit your application, please read carefully the admission criteria and the Frequently Asked Questions and then follow the steps below. Once you create your account, familiarize yourself with the system and requirements, you can start to complete the application, you can always save, log out and then log back in again when you are ready to submit.

STEP 1 – Application form

Only applications submitted through the form provided here (after you login) and will be considered.Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.The entire application, including the motivation and the CV has to be submitted in English. Please also include a non-certified English translation of the required proofs, if the original certificates were not issued in English.For any problem concerning your submission, please contact the PoSIG TeamFor clarification on the letters of reference and English language certificates refer to the exhaustive explanation comprised in the Frequently Asked Questions of our website or to the Students section of our website.

List of required documents:

STEP 2 – Application processing feeIn order for your application (application form here) to be considered it is mandatory that you pay the application-processing fee of 35 (thirty five) Euro Net by one of the following methods and that exact amount should reach PoSIG account.•    Secure Online System through PAYPAL. Applicant details will be saved automatically with the payment.
•    Bank transfer to the following bank account only if the method above is not available to you:


Banka Credins 
Bank address: 
Dega Crendins, Tirana, 16, Albania 
IBAN code (International Bank Account Number): 
AL39 21 21 1346 0000 0000 0090 8891
Currency: EUR
BIC/SWIFT : CDISALTRXXXPlease include the following transfer description:

For technical problems concerning the above methods of payment, please contact Mr. Agim Kasaj at [email protected])Once you have completed the payment, please make an electronic copy of your receipt of payment and upload it on the application form (step 1).

To apply Create an Account for free or Log in into this portal (click here).

More information here

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