JOB OFFER (fully remote): Calculating Energy Efficiency for Real Estate (Full training provided)

15 apr

We are a architecture office located in Austria, Vienna and are looking for new freelancers to join our remote team.

We are looking for motivated individuals (no agency’s) who are willing to learn new skill sets, are good with numbers, have a good understand of mathematic, and have a long concentration span.

You are required to speak and write/speak fluent english, work as a team player, and have a very good technical understanding.

The job requires to input data for a real estate (area, volume, create building blocks, heating system, etc…) into a software, in order to calculate the efficiency.

No prior Architecture experience is needed, we will provided full training and guidance along the entire progress of becoming a member of our team.

Do you like working with numbers, formulas, and measurements, work on your own hours from any where in the world? then this is the right job for you.

This is a long term position and Ideally we are looking for indivduals to be on our team for years to come, therefore we will invest a lot of time in your development.

We need several freelancers who will work 10-20 hours per Week.

Starting salary is 10$ per hour, and will increase according to your progress.

Process of Application and securing a position:

Stage 1: Send us a video of yourself answering the points below along with your CV:

a) Name, location, and brief summary of education and work experience

b) why is this job suitable for you and why does it interest you?

No need to send us a application letter or message, all none video applications will be ignored.

Individuals that seem suitable will proceed to the next step.

Stage 2: Gain access to our Online Course and join a live group calculation seccion on Zoom with one of our instructors. (Payed)

We will hold groups of 5-7 applicants in the live calculation seccions at a time.

Additonal, everyone will conduct a small sample calculation on their own, along the material covered in the live seccion, which is due 3 days after the live seccion.

Individuals who proved themselves to be competent and submitted a positiv calculation will advance to the next stage.

Stage 3: Applicant interview with the Department Manager.

Duration: 1,5-2,5 hours
Payment: 20$ (for everyone who submitted the individual calculation)

Applicants that advance, will reach the final stage:

Stage 4: Start working on 2-3 week trail, calulationg actual projects. (10$/Hour)

Applicants that reached this stage and proved to be competent, will gain a permanent positions in the department.

Interested candidates should send their applicaton to: [email protected]
We are looking forward to your application.

kind regards,

Arch Korab

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