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Do you enjoy challenges and HACKATHONS?

Are you looking to make an impact while striving for professional excellence?

Together with the World Bank & Embassy of Switzerland to Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have prepared something that might be just for you!

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How can technology support migrants and their families with up-to-date information about the availability, costs, terms and conditions of remittance services?

The Greenback Online Hackathon will gather the best teams and individuals from across Bosnia & Herzegovina to answer this question. The award is 5,000$ for the winning solution and team!

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Amid a global economic crisis triggered by the pandemic, remittances have become more important than ever for low- and middle-income families. Yet, sourcing and channelling them has become increasingly difficult given increased unemployment and limited mobility. In such circumstances, identifying the most efficient services and saving on costs is crucial for migrants and their families.

To address these challenges, the Greenback Hackathon 2021 will bring together the best of talent in information technology (IT) and finance from Bosnia and Herzegovina to build suitable solutions for Bosnian migrants and their families.


The call is open to teams of individuals, , with members older than 18 years old, citizens or residents of B&H, who have innovative ideas and great skills to build digital solutions, having a particular interest or experience in technology and financial services.

You may apply as an individual or as a pre-determined team. Each team is required to have a minimum of 2 members with at least one member experienced in coding, UX/UI and business development. We encourage everyone with an affinity for finance, financial technology and entrepreneurship to take this opportunity to develop an impactful solution.

Individual applicants will be assigned to new or existing teams prior to the event.

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  • Limited ability to identify and compare the availability, costs, terms and conditions of remittance services
  • Lack of financial literacy related to remittance services
  • Lack of financial literacy among remittance senders and receivers
  • Other challenges team members think it would be good to tackle

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