Grantovi: 85.000,00 KM za projekte u Bosni i Hercegovini

19 aug

The call for applications for grants is one of the activities within the second phase of the Via Dinarica project, which is implemented and co-financed by the United Nations Development Program in Bosnia and Herzegovina (UNDP BiH), with financial support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID BiH) and the Agency for Development Cooperation of the Republic of Italy (AICS).

The second phase of this project is implemented in cooperation with domestic partners – the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism, the Ministry of Trade and Tourism of Republika Srpska, local authorities, NGOs and private sector active in tourism. The Via Dinarica initiative aims to promote significant natural and cultural resources in the Western Balkans.


  • Priority Area 1: Public call for the allocation of rage repayable funds in the context of priority field aims to contribute to improving the conditions and capacity of accommodation facilities on the pathway ama Via Dinarice. In the long run, it is expected that this type of support will not only have a positive effect on the income of the owners of tourist accommodation facilities, but will also contribute to the recovery from Covid- 19 and strengthen the tourist potential of Via Dinarica.
  • Priority Area 2: Public call for the allocation of grant funds within the priority field aims to support the improvement of services and acts of uptake in the field of tourism in the cache go along the white, green and blue pathway e Via Dinaric e and thereby contribute to the overall development of Via Dinarica as a tourist destination, as and recovery from Covid-19, improving the tourist offer and making more attractive sites based on the tourist activities characteristic of those areas.

This Public Call for Proposals relates to the following 2 priority areas:

  • Priority Area 1: Improving the conditions and expanding the capacity of tourist accommodation facilities along the Via Dinarica trail within the following local self-government units: Posušje, Prozor-Rama, Sokolac and Teslic.
  • Priority area 2: Improving existing and increasing the diversity of tourist services in the field of nature tourism (cultural, historical, sports-recreational and adventure tourism, etc.) along the Via Dinarica trail within the following local government units: Posusje, Prozor-Rama, Sokolac and Teslic.

Funding Information

  • The total financial resources available under this public call are 85.000,00 KM, where will be based on a competitive process, to support the implementation of a maximum of five best ranked and projecting proposals, namely the two (2) in the following research their partners which units and local government units (LGU): The juice of the father and the one in prosušju Prozor-Rami and Teslic .
  • Grants per application may amount to a minimum of 13.000 KM to a maximum of 17.000 KM. For each project, the applicant must provide co-financing in the amount of at least 15% of the total amount of requested funds from the project fund (15% co-financing of the applicant and 85% co-financing from the project fund of this call). For example, if the applicant, according to the project, requires 13,000 KM Community from the project fund, he must provide own Community to finish a minimum of 1.950 KM, and if he asks for 17,000 KM, he must provide co-financing in the amount of 2.550 KM (15% of the total amount of requested funds from the project fund).
  • The co-financing by the applicant must be monetary and the participation of some other type will not be taken into account, i.e. in how much the project proposal instead of a direct co-financing provision for non-financial contributions, such a project proposal will not be considered further. The applicant will provide information on the allocated financial resources through the project proposal and budget, together with a letter of intent on the minimum amount of co-financing.
  • Therefore, project proposals must meet the following conditions:
    • Financial contribution to the project Via Dinarica with any application will not be lower than 13,000 KM or 17th 000 KM;
    • Co-financing by the applicant amounts to a minimum of 15% of the total amount of requested funds from the project fund;
    • The total budget of the project proposal, including co-financing of the applicant, cannot be lower than 14,950 KM (13,000 KM or 85% co-financing from the project fund of this call + 1,950 KM or 15% co-financing of the applicant).
  • Public call within this priority area of open is for the applicants , which with an accommodation facilities eliciting already on paths and locations Via Dinarica in rural areas suitable for development of tourism in nature (cool The right to assistance, historically, sports and recreation and adventurous tourism, etc.) in the following partner local government units (LGU) in Bosnia and and Herzegovina and that they provide Community for this public invitation :
    • Posusje, Prozor-Rama, Sokolac and Teslic.
      • The applications of the applicants from the mentioned LGUs related to the facilities that are not located on the trails and locations of Via Dinarica in their home LGUs will not be considered.

Evaluation Criteria

In addition to the basic criteria set out in reality within these priority areas must meet the following OPC (eliminatory) criterion:

  • The project enables the increase of accommodation capacities and / or the improvement of accommodation conditions of facilities along the Via Dinaric e trail in the following partner units of local self-government (JLS) in Bosnia and Herzegovina :
    • Posusje, Prozor-Rama, Sokolac and Teslic.
    • the total duration of the project can be a maximum of 3 months .
    • projects will allow that at the foot axis L and C check the Hold and the number of jobs which it had prior to the pandemic Covid -19, i.e. has not laid off workers during the pandemic to date,
    • the project will support the opening of at least one job (permanent or temporary / seasonal) with the applicant.

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