Fuckup Nights Mostar Vol.6

1 feb

In an era when we all want to portray ourselves in the best possible way, whether it is in the private or business aspects of life; when we carefully choose what to post on Instagram or LinkedIn, it is important to talk about the other side of success. That’s why we organize F*ckup Nights Mostar Vol. 6, scheduled for Thursday, 20 Feb 20. The place is SPARK (Mostar), the time is 5 PM.

F*ckup Nights is a global movement where people share stories of professional failure – at each event, 3 or 4 speakers share their failure story using 10 images in 7 minutes. Currently, in 300+ cities and over 90 countries, it is the fastest-growing movement for entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives on the planet. The organizers of these events believe that such talks are a positive step towards the well-being and creation of a non-ego-driven world. We learn more from failure than from success stories. Events celebrate attempts, not stigmatizing failure, are fun and great for networking.

If you join F*ckup Nights Mostar Vol. 6, you will see and listen to stories about the failure of our guests: Vedran Šimunović (Director of INTERA Technology Park) and Bruno Bokšić (freelance content writer at The Predictive Index and Lifehack). The third speaker is a surprise guest.

Admission is free, but we recommend booking your place via the application form. Event partners include NSoft, Sportradar, and INTERA technology park.

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