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Deadline: 31 May 2023
Open to: NGOs, organisations, institutions, associations, civil society initiatives, activist movements, committed groups/ people, cultural and art communities around the world focusing on the region of Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe
Benefits: Up to 500 Euro


The FOMOSO Fund is open for proposals regarding political, social, civil and cultural project ideas. There are no strict funding criteria. But it is important that your idea and the associated concept are qualitatively convincing, understandable and have an impact-oriented structure. In addition, there must be a connection with the region respectively at least with one country of Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe (MOSO region). Ultimately, we attach great importance to interactive, participatory, integrative and creative contributions.
The funding can be used for different phases of a (joint) project – development, testing, establishment, dissemination, etc. – and at different times. The project ideas presented, which are received via the online application form, are assessed by an internal decision-making body. This committee will ultimately also make the selection decision for the 1-2 projects. No later than 30 days after the end of the application period, we will let you know whether we are pursuing your project. In the event of positive feedback, we will invite you to a video
meeting and discuss the further process. If you have any questions, please send us an email to: [email protected] (please, use email only for
questions and not for the application!)


It is open to project ideas around the world focusing on Central-Eastern and/ or Southeastern Europe. There are no age restrictions at all.


A maximum of 1 or 2 project(s) are selected in the end. The grants per project will be a maximum of 500 Euro.

How to apply?

In order to apply, you must fill in the application form which you can find here:
For more information about FOMOSO, please visit the official website. 

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