Design contest: Bormioli Pharma Augmented Reality Experience

22 aug
Rok prijave 14.09.2023

Design contest: Bormioli Pharma Augmented Reality Experience New idea contest on Bormioli Pharma and Desall invite you to develop augmented reality solutions aimed at revolutionising the administration of medications packaged in vials and rigid bottles.


We seek innovative augmented reality solutions that simplify drug administration of medicines in rigid packaging. The contest is open to global participation and offers a cash award of 5000 Euro to the best proposal.

  • Participation: free and open to anyone 18 and above.
  • Cash award: The best concept gets €5000
  • Submission deadline: 14 September 2023 (1.59 pm UTC)
  • For more details and submissions:

Our ongoing collaboration with Bormioli Pharma has resulted in cutting-edge prototypes that gained international recognition at major trade shows. We are incredibly proud to provide our community with such remarkable opportunities.


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