Catalyst otvara poziv za posao na četiri nove pozicije

1 jul

Catalyst Balkans is a regional nonprofit that provides data, research, tech, and advice for other nonprofits and companies to do more good in their communities.

With our research on philanthropy in Serbia and throughout the Western Balkans, we are helping all actors – donors, recipients, beneficiaries, decision-makers, and citizens to understand status and trends of philanthropic giving in their countries. This information helps to understand who gives, for which purposes, to whom and for whom, but it also can serve as support to evidence-based advocacy for better legal and fiscal framework for giving. Catalyst’s philanthropy research is the most comprehensive source of information on giving in Western Balkans and is used by global actors and networks that report on philanthropic giving.

With our tools – Giving Balkans philanthropy insights app, CiviCatalyst community relationship management platform, crowdfunding platform, and, a nonprofit transparency platform – we help nonprofits and CSR departments make better decisions and have a greater social impact in their communities.

Open positions are:

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