Caritas Switzerland (CaCH): Call for Expression of Interest (EoI)

28 feb
Rok prijave 04.03.2024

Caritas Switzerland (CaCH) is looking for service providers (private or civil society organizations) from Herzegovina who are interested in supporting the development of the “Basket from my village” campaign for the project “Promoting Inclusive Development in Rural Areas Through Systemic Transition (RAST).”  (RAST)

Conducted in the municipalities Prozor-Rama, Konjic, Jablanica, Trebinje, Ljubinje, Stolac, and Mostar during August and September 2019, the “Basket from my village” campaign aims at engaging target groups in dialogue and at the mobilization of youth, women, and other excluded groups for income generation and/or entrepreneurship activities,

Informal and formal groups of youth, women and other excluded groups with complementary skills are invited to design a locally tailored product basket that includes e.g., local processed food products, handicrafts, carpentry, or aromatic herbs, while bearing in mind also old crafts and creative industries. Cooperation can also be arranged with a company with strong corporate social responsibility orientation that can represent the end customer side and provide feedback to participants. Possibilities to cooperate with social media influencers will be analysed.

CaCH is inviting interested private or civil society organizations that are based in the target local communities to submit an “Expression of Interest” (EoI) to participate in development “Basket from my village” campaign as a contracted service provider.

Depending on their coverage and capacity, interested organizations may cover only certain municipalities or certain communities. The EoI should be related to at least one target group (youth, women, or other excluded groups).

This call for EoI is to shortlist potential service providers. Interested private or civil society organizations must submit a letter, which contains the following information:

  • A motivation for participation and a brief summary about the organization including:
    • Information about the capacity of the applicant
    • Annual turnover
    • Possible experience on developing and conducting campaigns
  • Information on which of the above-mentioned municipalities or communities could be covered and on which target groups could be covered

Further we ask for a copy of the registration certificate and material that can provide more information about the capacities of potential service providers.

The letter and attachments must be addressed to Caritas Švicarske; Travnička 1, 71000 Sarajevo. Electronic submissions are also accepted and can be sent to [email protected]

Deadline for submission is 4th March 2024.

Only short-listed applicants will then be invited to submit a full offer.

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