Call for Participation: Peace in Our Schools in Sarajevo

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Rok prijave 05.05.2022

Peace in Our Schools is one of the projects by the Network of Former Youth Delegates to the United Nations organization – a global network that unites former and current UN Youth Delegates, young leaders and peacebuilders from across the world to work together and make a global impact. Peace in Our Schools is led by the founder of the Network, Ramiz Bakhtiar – the first Youth Representative of Afghanistan to the United Nations, and a One Young World Peace Ambassador. The project aims to support the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 2250, 2419, and Sustainable Development Goal 16, through educational workshops on peacebuilding, interfaith dialogue, conflict resolution and emotional intelligence. We organize Peace Camps in schools around the world. Our Peace Camps are 2 days long, 4-5 hours each day, and participants are school students and young adults aged 15-22.

Learning objectives: After this workshop the participants will be able to reflect on their behavior and question their attitudes and beliefs. These programs will give valuable insight to students into the world of peace and conflict resolution.

We are pleased to announce that Peace in Our Schools is coming to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and school students will have a great opportunity to learn about peacebuilding and conflict resolution techniques and discus topics, such as interfaith dialogue and emotional intelligence. We will be organizing Peace in Our Schools in two rounds — for two days with each group.

Participants will be provided with Certificates of Completion at the end of the Peace Camps, refreshment/lunch and stationary during the sessions.

Dates: Group 1: May 9-10, Group 2: May 11-12
Deadline for Registration: May 5th, 2022
Location: BAWA Sarajevo, Address: Valtera Perica 3.

Please register to attend the Peace Camps organized by Peace in Our Schools initiative.

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