Call for participants

10 jul


Are you passionate about sharing and gaining knowledge on public diplomacy? Join the @kolegium_europy_wschodniej project on “Poland and Its Neighbors: History, Present and Future.”

🌐 What does the programme contain? Three stages including trips to several cities, various meetings and workshops, producing and publishing content from the stay in Poland and a summary seminar to conclude the work.

💼 Who can participate? The project targets participants from Serbia 🇷🇸, Albania 🇦🇱, Bosnia and Herzegovina 🇧🇦, Kosovo 🇽🇰, Montenegro 🇲🇪, & North Macedonia 🇲🇰. People aged 25-45 working professionally in the following areas are invited to participate in the project: opinion leaders, journalists, publicists, media personnel, experts, local government officials, decision makers, academics, teachers, lecturers.

🏷️ Language: English
⏳ Deadline: July 10
📌 Costs: Covered by organizers

📝 Apply through the form

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