Call for Participants: Training Course “LIVING COMPASS 2024”

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Rok prijave 15.04.2024

The Human Rights Education Youth Programme plays a central role in the 2030 Strategy of the youth sector through its key features:.

  •  Provision of educational resources for human rights education for youth work and non-formal learning, notably through Compass and Compasito;
  •  Advocacy for the inclusion of human rights education youth policy and youth work;
  •  Renewing the informal networks of trainers and multipliers and supporting the qualitative development of training for human rights education at national and European level;
  •  Supporting multipliers and advocates for human rights education through the programme of Compass national and regional training courses.

Within the programme, the course LIVING COMPASS is addressed to both activists, advocates multipliers, trainers and facilitators of human rights education with young people, knowing that very often the same people perform these different roles.


LIVING COMPASS aims at supporting the provision and quality of human rights education with young people by developing the competences of multipliers the context of local, national or international activities and projects and foster the implementation of the Council of Europe Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education and the UN World Programme on Human Rights Education.

 Profile of participants

The course is designed for participants who are:

  • youth leaders and facilitators involved in human rights education through youth work activities and in other NGOs concerned with human rights education;
  • youth workers, human rights activists and volunteers experienced in and intending to function as multipliers and advocates for human rights education with young people at local, national or international level;
  • other educational professionals or experts interested in introducing non-formal learning methodologies in activities on human rights education with young people.

All participants must also:

  • be able to work in English
  • be aged between 18-30 years old, exceptions can be made if justified
  •  be resident of one of the countries state parties to the European Cultural Convention; in exceptional cases some participants from other continents may also be invited
  •  be supported by a youth organisation or institution within which they can act as multipliers of HRE
  • already have experience in working with young people
  • be able and committed to act as multipliers in HRE as a result of the course
  • be motivated to develop their competences in human rights education and to share their experiences with other participants
  • be committed to attend for the full duration of the course, including the preparatory and follow-up phases (approximately 2 hours per week during Phases 1 and 3)
  • be interested and able to develop and implement a human rights education project with young people (for example national training courses in human rights education, translation and dissemination of Compass, advocacy projects on human rights education or others as a follow-up of their participation in the course).


  • Initial e-learning modules from May to September 2024
  • Residential 9-day seminar 23 – 30 September 2024
  • Follow-up activities, including e-learning (October-December 2024)

 All candidates must apply online at

 Deadline for applications: 15 April 2024, 23:59 (CET).

 Call for participants document

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