Call for 2nd Balkan Studies Congress

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Balkan Studies Congress is an international congress organized to encourage interdisciplinary studies in the field of social sciences and to contribute to qualified and original academic production. The first of the congress, which took place on 17-19 September 2021 in Skopje/North Macedonia, will be held in Tirana/Albania on 16-18 September 2022. While Fettah Efendi Association, Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities and University of New York-Tirana are the organizers of the congress, Scientific Studies Association and Istanbul Medeniyet University are among the institutions supporting the congress.

Balkan Studies Congress; It aims to increase the quality of postgraduate studies, academic interaction and mobility within the region and with Turkey by providing young academics with the opportunity of versatile communication and experience transfer. It aims to contribute to the development of a common language and method by encouraging interdisciplinary approaches in order to overcome the problem of qualified academic production of states and societies that are trying to recover with the effect of the wars in the Western Balkans after 1990 and have many problem areas in front of them.

The congress is planned to take place in cities such as Skopje, Istanbul, Sarajevo, Tirana and Vienna. The congress, which will host a university and a city every year, will also cooperate with non-governmental organizations working in this field. It offers the privilege of exchanging and enriching ideas by presenting their studies in front of experienced academicians and academician candidates, who have done postgraduate studies on the Balkans at different universities in the Balkans, especially in the Western Balkans and Turkey, or who have completed these studies in the last three years.

Blind refereeing system is applied in the congress and the submitted abstracts and full texts are accepted after being evaluated by expert referees. In order to bring the presentations in the congress to the scientific world, the selected papers will be published by the Fettah Efendi Association at the end of the congress.

📆 Deadline for Abstract Submission: 20 May 2022

📆 Deadline for Full Text Submission: 15 July 2022

📍Congress application system:

📍For detailed information such as important dates, services, spelling rules:

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