Budi dio International Youth Media Summit 2020!

12 dec
Rok prijave 28.12.2019

Join us for the 15th International Youth Media Summit in Karlovac, Croatia the following summer! Become part of our family of young media-enthusiasts and filmmakers that spans all continents and a plethora of different nationalities. For 14 days you will live and work with people from all over the globe, create impactful media that will make a difference, learn about current affairs that affect us all, and last but not least, explore the beautiful Karlovac. The applications deadline is December 28th, 2019.

You can apply as an INDIVIDUAL within one of the following categories. Which one sounds like you?

Diplomat: You are informed of current affairs and global crises. You are engaged with organizations and initiatives working toward a brighter future. You are passionate about solving issues and crafting persuasive and creative arguments. You are a team player and enjoy discussion and brainstorming innovative ideas to raise awareness and address global issues. 14–24 years old.
Filmmaker: You are experienced and comfortable using a camera, filming and editing. You are passionate about using media to express yourself and convey a message. You are knowledgeable in the craft of filmmaking and eager and willing to share your knowledge with others. You care about media being used as a positive force in today’s society. 14–24 years old.
Advisor: You love working with youth. You have experience serving as a leader, guide and counselor. You are passionate about youth engagement in current affairs. You are knowledgeable about media and filmmaking. You are prepared to share your knowledge, teach in your areas of expertise and support the delegates in their film productions.

You can apply as a DELEGATION if you are representing a specific youth organization or school. Do you have a team that fulfills the following requirements?

1. You all believe in the power and influence of media for good and together you have a strong desire to shape a more sustainable and peaceful future.

2. Your team has experience in filmmaking, creative writing, activism, diplomacy and public speaking.

3. You have at least three members: a diplomat (14 – 24 years old), a filmmaker (14 – 24 years old) and an advisor (25 or older). Refer to descriptions of the individuals for more information about these roles.

For more information click here.

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