BRAVO Webinar – European Solidarity Corps

10 feb
If you’ve been following BRAVO you could have bump into many ESC projects we advertised! Some of you were lucky to have participated in them!
In our short but valuable experience we’ve noticed that, unfortunately not so many young people know what actually is European Solidarity Corps.
We’re pretty sure that the first thing that drives your attention is the photo of the destination or just the destination itself.
⚠️ But guess what ⁉️
ESC is way more than that‼️
💡In order to present you all the advantages of ESC, break the stigma created around volunteering and to encourage you to grab these amazing opportunities, we’re organising a FREE informative webinar!
During the webinar you’ll be able to learn about ESC and to ask us everything you ever wanted to know about these 🇪🇺EU funded voluntary projects! So grab your computer, pen and paper! Make sure you write all the information, because there will be plenty of ESC projects for you this year!
🌟 We’re waiting for you!
🔗 Register now by clicking on the link below ⬇️⬇️:
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