BRAVO: Otvorene prijave za 3 učesnika na trening u Subotici, Srbija

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Rok prijave 06.04.2019

BRAVO in cooperation with CKNS announces a call for 3 participants for Training Course in Subotica, Serbia from 06.05 – 12.05.2019. for B&H citizens and those living in B&H.

Name of the project: “YOUTH, BUSINESS, BETTER”
Date of Project: 06.05.2019 – 12.05.2019.
Place: Subotica, Serbia
Participants: 3 (age 18+)
Working language: English
Deadline for applying: 06.04.2019.

Training Course is a project under the Erasmus+ program which means that TC is under Erasmus+ rules. Accommodation, food and travel costs (180€ limit) will be covered by organizers.

About the project:

“Youth, Business, Better” (YBB) is a project involving a total of 8 NGOs of which 3 based in the Western Balkans (Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Albania) and 5 in
Europe (Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovakia, FYROM).

YBB will develop an integrated approach for youth organizations in partner countries to tackle the issues of unemployment, social and economic marginalization of
rural youth. In Europe and West Balkans, high youth unemployment rates, sustained youth population drain to urban centres, overall economic marginalization are compounded by impaired access to education, socialization and participation opportunities in a
complex relationship of co-determination.

The simultaneous operation of the factors outlined above is both a triggering and perpetuating factor in a self-feeding dynamic of exclusion whose unhindered development is due to hamper the socioeconomic sustainability of rural communities and the personal development of youngsters.
A comprehensive and sustainable approach to youth employability in rural areas should focus on strengthening the role of youth organization as key bridgeheads capable of connecting youth empowerment, active citizenship and local development through an NFE based educational approach targeted at providing young people with
skills to be active drivers of positive change.

Developing entrepreneurial skills and competences in young people represents a major avenue towards the enhancement of self-employability, active participation and
social inclusion of youngsters as well as a key determinant in eliciting a youth drivenbottom up process of development capable of making the most of the wide array of
assets (natural, cultural, traditional) characterizing rural areas across Europe and Western Balkan countries.

YBB provides a comprehensive approach to tackle the issue of youth unemployment in rural areas by means of sharing and developing knowledge, best
practices and NFE tools fostering the understanding and technical competences of locally-engaged youth operators in supporting empowerment and employability of young people in rural areas through conveying skills and competences of entrepreneurship.

The activities will be coordinated through non-formal education methods (as group work and activities, presentations, workshops and personal assignments, meetings with organizations, experts etc.)

Some activities will take place in public and some in private institutions, to promote Europe for Citizens and non-formal education and raise awareness on migration issues among the local community.


Youth workers, educators, youth leaders, teachers, researchers, social workers and psychologists representing formal and nonformal education systems and whose target group is youth (3 participants per country).

  • previous experience on project topic;
  • access to target groups;
  • social and geographical aspects (involving participants from rural areas);
  • age and language: participants need to be at least 18 years old and are required good English language skills.


Mind: various non-formal education methods (discussions, group work, self-reflection tasks, stories and role plays etc.)

Heart: Constellation as it is a tool to support and strengthen participant inner resources to gain his/her strength. It is a system approach arranging elements in proper positions or alignment. It is used as a group method.

Body: Creative movement & dance approach emphasizes self-generated movement. The components are employed by the mover for expression and intervention. In this area of creative dance the main points of interests are relationship between people through body activity in the dance.


Arrival day: May6, 2019 in Subotica

Venue in Serbia: Subotica, HOTEL VILA MODENA ***

End of the program: May 11, 10pm

Departure day: May, 12

You are welcome to stay in Serbia up to 2 extra days before and after the program (on your own accommodation expenses)

Outside this time frame, your travel costs will NOT be reimbursed.


The training course will take place in the hotel “Vila Modena” in Subotica. Rooms will be double and triple divided by genders.

Please keep ALL of your ORIGINAL tickets, boarding passes, receipts/invoices.

They will be collected during the Training Course. Reimbursement will be done in EUROS regardless of the currency indicated on your ticket and receipt/invoice.

Max. refund of traveling expenses per participant (according to Erasmus+ program)

Bosnia and Herzegovina – 180 eur


Complete the BRAVO- APPLICATION FORM in English title as following ”name of the project you are applying for” until 23:59 at 06.04.2019.


Deadline for applying: 06.04.2019.
Selection results: up to 10.04.2019.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]

More information here.

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