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📣Are you a person who is ready to combine entrepreneurship and fashion and thus #MAKETHEWORLDWONDER?

🖋 Participation in project “Fashioration”

📍 Athens, Greece

🗓From 16th of May till 19th of May

👥  3 participant

As you could read this time we are not only looking for a participant in a training course, but a person who wants to be part of the project and thus improve their skills.

What exactly is it about❓
We want to find a person who, in addition to being interested in fashion and entrepreneurship, is interested in actively participating and contributing to this project. The open call is the first of the activities that are being prepared for the duration of the project, which will last for two years.

Your task is to transfer the tools and activities to the youth of Bosnia and Herzegovina after attending the meeting and training, and to work together to create plans and new project activities.

Through the “Fasioration” project, our goal is to promote the validation of B&H's cultural heritage through fashion.

🆘DEADLINE for applying is 8th of May

Read more about this project on our website:

Applications can be sent to the link:


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