BRAVO: Otvoren poziv za omladinsku razmjenu, Armenija

29 apr
Rok prijave 07.05.2022
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Are you interested for one quick trip to 🇦🇲Armenia, right after you finish all of your tasks? But how to get there? Don’t worry, BRAVO has a way👇
🖋 YE ”Culture & Rythms”
📍 Yerevan, Armenia
🗓From 27th of May till 6th of June
👥 6 participants
What is the aim of the project?
This YE is focused on fostering development of basic and traversal skills, such as soft skills and multilingualism using innovative methods and two universal languages: Folk Music 🎵 and Traditional Dance as tools of social inclusion.
Don’t you dare to miss such an amazing opportunity to have a lifetime experience in Armenia🇦🇲
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