BRAVO: Otvoren poziv za “Long-Term ESC”

14 sep
Rok prijave 18.09.2022
Slika može predstavljati tekst koji navodi '#BRAVOBIH BRAVO OPEN CALL for Antalya, Turkiye 1 participant "LONG-TERM ESC" 18.10.2022 18.4.2023. #MAKETHEWORLDWONDER'
#ESC is always a wonderful chance to spend some time in another country, and this time you can do that – in TURKIYE 🇹🇷 !
Enjoy great 6️⃣ months while being away in the largest city in Turkiye on the Mediterranean coast ! 🌅
🖋 “Long-Term ESC”
📍 Antalya, Turkiye
🗓 From 18th of October 22’ till 18th of April 23’
👤 1 participant
What is the aim of this project?
Volunteer in this project must have the ability to easily adapt to new conditions, to be interested and to have basic information in the digital world. Volunteer should be interested in music, dance and / or sports. Throughout the program, volunteers should interact with local people and organizations to learn about our culture and lifestyle.
Everything you need to know is right here 👇🏻
Don’t miss this #awesome opportunity to spend some time and learn ❗️
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