BRAVO: Omladinska razmjena u Budimpešti

10 jan

#BRAVO is making this year already the best 💪💯with new #opencall 🔊 for #YouthExchange that will take place in 🇭🇺Budapest, Hungary from 9th till 19th February.

👉For this #YouthExchange we are searching🔬 for 6️⃣ participants that are fully vaccinated 💉and that will show interest in the topic and willigness to take active roles 🙌 particulary in dissemination

Youth Exchange ‘Script Action for Future Earth’ has a goal ✅ to inform young people about the main reasons and historical figures 📜 of different pollution types 🌳 Interactive learning 💡methods will be used in order to promote empathy towards other living beings, to increase 📉recycling ♻️and through the acting skills of our participants to revive the disbalanced ecology 🟩

▪️As usual, accomodation🛌food 🥙 and travel ✈️ costs 💲 are fully covered ☑️ but you must keep all the tickets 📇💳 in the purpose of reimbursement.

Besides pocket money 💰 you should bring food goodies 🍽 and other parts of tradition that will best present your country 🇧🇦 ✨

💁‍♀️ So if you want to extend your knowledge on the topic of different pollution types ♻️ and use that knowledge to make a change ✊ all while having the time of your life 🎇 with participants from 8️⃣ different countries, then this opportunity is perfect 👌 for the new and fresh start of the year.

And not to forget‼️
You can apply ✍️on the link down below👇:…/1DVAjKIQWxxc9Yy6DI4FN…/edit…

Let’s make this year the year where you #MaketheWorldWonder 🙌🙌

Unfortunately 😞, due to the impossibility of publishing announcements on the web 💻due to its reconstruction🛠, you can read 📚more about the project below 📲:

Humankind has brought our world borders, conflicts and wars, and pollution due to excessive consumption of technological development. Continuous greedy mining of raw materials, massive industrial production results in unpleasant consequences for both people and environment.

We want to use interactive learning methods to promote empathy toward other living beings, to increase recycling, and through the acting skills of our participants to revive the disbalanced ecology.

The general purpose of the project is to draw attention to the causes of environmental problems, particularly, the human impacts on the ecolog
ical system throughout history.

AIMS of #YouthExchange:
– To inform young people about the main reasons and historical figures of different pollution types (water, air, soil, noise);
– To develop theatrical abilities and research skills;
– To explain the human factor in the changing Earth balance;
– To improve their environmental awareness and empathy;
– To support young people's problem solving and project development skills;
– To engage participants in constructive ecology protection.

#BRAVO #BRAVOBIH #MAKETHEWORLDWONDER #ErasmusPlus #YouthExchange #opportunity

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