Besplatan Webinar na temu “Internet Governance”

24 apr

On 30 April at 9-10 UTC (11-12 CET) the RIPE NCC is organising a free
webinar on the topic of Internet Governance.

To register please fill in “eu.zz” as your RegID:

This webinar is especially helpful for anybody who would like to get
more involved with Internet Governance and wants to understand how
certain policies and frameworks can influence their business. You will
also learn about current Internet Governance key issues and discussions
that you can expect at the upcoming Internet Governance events such as

In the second part of the webinar we will go over current proposals and
legislation concerning the Internet, including cybersecurity,
responsibility for online content, law enforcement cooperation, data
retention and the data economy.

– Understand what Internet Governance is and how you can take part in it
– Recognise how Internet Governance discussions can influence the
technical infrastructure of the Internet
– Identify the current Internet Governance key issues and dilemmas
– Understand the general trends in EU regulation and the driving factors
behind it

– The Internet Governance Multistakeholder Model
– Main principles of Internet public policy
– Current Internet Governance discussions
– How to get involved
– How the EU works
– Current proposals and legislation concerning the Internet in the EU
and beyond

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Autor Meris Bećović