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5 jun

English for Healthcare -

English is an effective tool that can offer new possibilities and foster your professional growth; therefore, offers to join the course designed for health professionals. The course aims to develop the communication skills and enrich the needed vocabulary to study or work in the field of healthcare.

About this course

The course is designed for those who are engaged in the healthcare sphere. If you have already chosen the profession of a doctor, medical officer, or if you are planning to study these professions, you will achieve new communication skills to deal successfully with the patients in different situations as well as with your colleagues while having professional discussions.

The professional vocabulary and terminology that you will gain aim to help you to have professional discussions with the experts in this field. The recordings of the discussions and conversations between professionals will improve your listening skills and boost your professional development.

What you’ll learn

The course will allow you to get acquainted with the working process of the hospitals. You will be informed about the experiences different patients have. The patients’ descriptions of the symptoms and signs they have will allow you to get acquainted with the techniques to diagnose them. Various situational conversations on dealing with the patients, as well as with those who require home health care, will help you to learn the professional terminology and vocabulary, how to write your reflective journal.

On completion of the course, you will be able to consult patients using professional vocabulary and the provided materials will help you to get useful medical information for further study.

Join the course

This course targets international learners who are willing to study in the sphere of healthcare in English. King’s College London has developed this four-week online course. It is required at least CEFR level A2 to benefit from the course. Joining this course, all the participants will have more confidence while getting in touch with the patients or professionals of the sphere.

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