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4 mar

As we eagerly prepare for the upcoming POINT 12 Conference, it’s a perfect time to reflect on the success of our previous edition, POINT 11.

POINT 11, held in June 2023, was a resounding success, bringing together a diverse range of speakers, participants, and topics. The conference explored crucial issues such as digital regulation, fact-checking, and the impact of technology on society. It also featured engaging workshops, presentations, and discussions that sparked new ideas and collaborations.

We aim to build on the success of POINT 11 and make POINT 12 even more impactful and engaging. With a renewed focus on participant-led sessions, workshops, and presentations, we are confident that POINT 12 will continue to be a platform for meaningful dialogue, exchange, collaboration, and innovation. We can’t wait to welcome you to POINT 12 and continue to create this community together!

This year, the conference will be held on June 24th – 26th, at Sarajevo’s Youth Centre (“Dom mladih”).

More about the program!

This year, we have exciting news – POINT 12 will be followed by GlobalFact, an international gathering of global fact-checking organizations, adding a new dimension to our program. We will delve into topics such as digital regulation, the impact of fact-checking, the geopolitics of disinformation, the impact of different actors on disinformation and similar. However, as POINT and its’ participants have always had a variety of interests, we also plan to talk about the impact of technology on different aspects of society, globally important political topics, regional topics of interest, as well as open debates about other groundbreaking topics in the fields of the interest of the POINT Conference.

The program will consist of more than 30 panels, interviews, presentations, and other sessions where individuals from the region and beyond will share their original work, projects, ideas, and thoughts.

Don’t miss the chance!

Since its first edition in 2012, the POINT Conference has evolved into a unique gathering for civic activists and civil society representatives from Southeast Europe (SEE) and around the globe. It serves as a platform for exchanging ideas and innovative solutions to promote a responsible and open society.

POINT Conference 11

POINT provides an excellent networking opportunity and potential for collaboration, offering peer-to-peer learning through workshops. The conference will bring together 300 participants, including youngsters, speakers, donors, representatives from the business community and NGOs, partners, and friends from across the world.

If you are interested in learning about initiatives related to political accountability projects, open data in democracy, human rights, technology tools for transparency and accountability, social media, current events, the impact of technology, and similar topics, we encourage you to apply to participate and be part of this great opportunity!

Key Information:

  • Date of conference: June 24 – 26, 2024
  • Deadline for application: March 8, 2024
  • The event will take place in Sarajevo.
  • If you need a visa to enter Bosnia and Herzegovina, we will help you obtain it.
  • The working language of the conference is English.
  • The POINT Conference (Political Accountability and New Technologies) is the largest conference of this type in the Southeastern Europe (SEE) region. It seeks to be a platform for civil society that encourages the use of new technologies.

Should you apply? 

We are excited to welcome youngsters from Southeast Europe and around the world to the POINT Conference (Political Accountability and New Technologies). The conference is a hub for connections, friendships, motivation, innovation, and change. Serving as a platform for exchanging ideas and innovative solutions to promote a responsible and open society, POINT is the largest conference of its kind in the region, continuing to be a driving force for civil society that advocates for the use of technologies.

To participate, please submit your application using the short form, explaining why you wish to attend the conference. If you have an idea for a presentation, we encourage you to review our open call for speakers.

We look forward to receiving your application and to welcoming you to POINT 12 in June 2024!

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