Aplicirajte za plaćenu praksu u SAD-u u oblasti programiranja

20 dec

  • Study full time at our fully accredited university campus near Chicago, USA for the first 8-9 months
  • Get a full-time paid internship at top companies like Amazon and Microsoft as a software developer. Starting salaries average $80,000 per year.
  • Receive extensive financial aid – Low initial payment
  • Learn the latest software developments from Ph.D. level faculty
  • Join 2,700+ international graduates and 800 current students


  • 3-4 Year Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Related Subject
  • Need at least 2.7 out of 4 cumulative GPA
  • Work experience as a software engineer:
    At least 6 months with 4 year degree/ 1-3 years with 3 year degree
  • Graduating or final year students from top universities with a high GPA and no work experience may apply.
  • Knowledge of C, C#, C++ or Java
  • Good English skills

More information: https://compro.miu.edu/brochure-request/

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