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8 feb
Rok prijave 22.02.2020

Our theme this year, Vivid Visions: A Decade of Diaspora Development, looks toward the future of what the 20’s will bring for the Bosnian and Herzegovinian diaspora. This year, we are in search of sessions that highlight achievements from the past while proposing specific plans for the future.

We encourage lessons and submissions from any sector or industry. All submissions for Vivid Visions need to be engaging and facilitate dialogue about Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Diaspora population in North America – and abroad.

Proposals are due February 22, 2020.
All applicants will be informed by March 21, 2020 if they have been selected by the Judges to participate.

Here are some of the questions that should guide your proposal:

How do you envision our community in the next decade?
What goals have you set for the next decade with regards to your work?
What goals have you set in regards to communication within the next decade?
What have you learned over the last decade that will inform your goals?
Who will you work with over the next decade to accomplish these goals?
What resources do you need for these goals?
What inspired you to achieve what you have at this point?
What challenges do you think you will face?


Find the application and more information here.

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