World of Heritage: Uzbekistan

22 jun

Uzbekistan should be at the top of your travel list. It is filled with amazing historic buildings, lavish palaces and centuries of history, all without the hassle of massive tourist crowds!

Uzbekistan is full of amazing heritage sights, palaces and museums. Top places to visit in Uzbekistan are the Bukhara city, PO-i-Kalyan the religious complex, the ark of Bukhara the massive fortress, and many royal courts and residences. Don't miss the Chor Minor and the serene Lyab-I Hauz pond.

Another major city to visit is the city of Samarkand where you can see the Registan Square surrounded by beautiful Madrasahs and Gur-E-Amir. Also do not miss visiting the ancient walled city of Khiva and the palace of Khudayar Khan in Kokand.

The Heritage sites of the world are celebrated for having great cultural or historical significance, and it doesn’t hurt that they are also often majestic and awe-inspiring.

Every country has its own monuments and cultural heritage, which you can explore in our series “World of Heritage”. This series also features all the celebrated heritage sites on our planet as decided by the UNESCO.

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