World of Heritage: Španija

29 jun

With such diverse cultures and regions, visiting Spain is like visiting lots of different countries. From medieval castles to whimsical modernist churches, Spain has it all.

Spain is a country with diverse cultures and regions. The capital city of Spain, Madrid is a site with the largest palace in Europe, the Royal Palace. One must also visit places like Plaza Mayor and the Puerta del sol nearby. Don’t miss the Prado Museum, Spain’s national museum of art.

In Seville, one can see the Royal Alcazar, Plaza de Espana, and Seville Cathedral. Granda is home to the Alhambra Palace and be sure to visit the Mezquita Mosque-Cathedral. Also visit the Tower of Hercules, a Lighthouse and the Town of Merida.

In Catalonia East is the vibrant city of Barcelona where you can spend time to see the Sagrada Familia church, Casa Batiio, and Park Guell. Also do not miss visiting the Picasso museum, the Barcelona Cathedral and the city’s exciting Gothic Quarter. Do try to visit the mountain of Montserrat and Santa Maria De Montserrat.

The Heritage sites of the world are celebrated for having great cultural or historical significance, and it doesn’t hurt that they are also often majestic and awe-inspiring.

Every country has its own monuments and cultural heritage, which you can explore in our series “World of Heritage”. This series also features all the celebrated heritage sites on our planet as decided by the UNESCO.

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