Top 8 co-working prostora u svijetu (za koje niste čuli)

29 jul

The digital nomad lifestyle gives you the flexibility to work remotely from anywhere in the world. If you’re looking for the best places to work from that “have it all” check out these top 8 coworking spaces from around the world! They’re trendy, connect you with a community of like-minded people, and did I mention, absolutely beautiful!?

Since May 2015 I’ve been working remotely while traveling the world, hitting up over 25 countries, and I’ve had the opportunity to check out A LOT of coworking spaces across Europe, Asia, South America, Canada, and the USA. Not only are these the top 8 coworking spaces in the world, but many are undiscovered by the masses so there’s a good chance you haven’t heard of them before. These new, fresh spaces MUST be added to every digital nomads list of coworking spaces to try out.

But first, we need to understand, what makes a good coworking space?

  1. Strong community and good community events. This is huge! Especially when you’re traveling to new parts of the world.

  2. A beautifully designed space. I mean this might be the #1 thing I look for, next to community. The point of working at a coworking space is to work in an inspiring environment that can help spark your creativity.

  3. Flexible operating hours. We left 9-5 hours for a reason.

  4. A variety of seating options. This could be standing desks, regular desks, couches, bean bags (yes, bean bags in Bali), etc.

  5. A variety of “spaces” within the space. So whether you want to be more social or get your head down and get some work done, you can find a place for you.

  6. Amenities. Such as free tea and coffee, access to nearby food for lunch, and swimming pools… looking at your Outpost. Because, why not?

And good wifi, obviously.

1. La Maquinita CoWorking Space (Palermo Soho), Buenos Aires, Argentina

his space is simply incredible. They have a bunch of locations in Buenos Aires, but Palermo Soho location beats it. The community is incredible. They also have free beer on Fridays and medialunas (croissants) on Monday. The space itself is beautifully designed. They have bicycle racks, community events, a kitchen, free tea or cafe. It really checks all the boxes. You can check out this video tour I made of the space.

Memberships for La Maquinita Coworking Space start at around $90 USD /month.

#2. Limelight Coworking Space, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

The space at Limelight Coworking Space is absolutely beautiful. I immediately fell in love with the design and decor when I entered the door. They also had a full kitchen, FREE beer on tap, and a great variety of spaces/vibes throughout. This space is also located just around the corner of a strip full of great food spots.

And I know, Cleveland seems like a super random location but I was there during a weekend road trip and fell in love!

Memberships for LimeLight Coworking Space start at $95 USD /month.

#3. Poligon Kreativni Center Coworking Space, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Another great space is Poligon Kreativni Center, located in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

On that note, Slovenia is definitely an under-rated country to visit. It’s located just above Croatia and borders with Italy. It’s certainly worth checking out if you’ve never been. In particular, it’s great for outdoor enthusiasts. Ljubljana itself is quite small but worth checking out.

At Poligon Kreativni Center coworking space there areas where you can socialize in a funky designed space, or get your head down and get some work done. They also have a 3D printing machine for those that are into it.

Memberships at Poligon Kreativni Center are around $109 USD/ month.

#4. Friday Cowork in Antwerp, Belgium

One of my former clients, Nathalie G, actually owns this coworking space – a vision she had when she joined my training program in Bali. Not only is the Friday Cowork space beautiful, but Nathalie also puts importance on fostering the community within the space.

Memberships at Friday Coworking Space start at $90 USD /month.

#5. Struggle HQ Coworking Space, Bay Area, California, USA

Struggle HQ is founded by Derrick Struggle who is a successful entrepreneur who bought his dream Lamborghini at the young age of 24. But his financial success isn’t what Derrick is about. He is a very kind and genuine person who has a passion for developing community.

What gets me most excited about the Struggle HQ coworking space is that if it’s any sort of reflection of Derrick, the community aspect is going to be out of this world. Derrick has a knack for connecting people and bringing them together and this space is the perfect compliment to that. This space also includes a fitness centre & gym and a cafe bar.

At the release of this blog post, final touches are being completed on the space but as far as I know, Derrick is offering tours and you can sign up now.

Memberships for Struggle HQ Coworking space are not listed on their site.

Check out Derrick’s Instagram page for updates. He usually shares Instagram stories from inside the space.

#6. Tropical Nomad Coworking Space, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia.

If I had to pick just one word for this coworking space it would be…

VIBES. Tropical, paradise vibes.

If you’re someone who values a really aesthetically pleasing space then you will love Tropical Nomad Coworking Space. This spot is located along the infamous Bali “shortcut” between the neighbourhoods of Berawa and Canggu. So needless to say if you’re going to Bali, it’s the perfect location for a co-working space. Tropical Nomad coworking space also offers free various workshops from the digital nomads working out of the space.

To be honest, I haven’t personally check out this space yet, although I have driven by it several times. I’ll certainly be checking it out the next time I’m back in Bali. If you’re in Bali and go, let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

Memberships at Tropical Nomad Coworking Space start at $49 USD /month.

#7. Outpost Coworking Space, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

Let me first start by saying this coworking space has a POOL. It’s tropical vibes extreme.

You know those epic digital nomad pics you see on Instagram? Well, chances are it was taken here. Yes, you can work and enjoy a slice of paradise at the same time.

This space has a ton of natural light (which I personally love) and you have the option to work inside, in one of their air-conditioned rooms, on the outdoor patio surrounded by palms, or downstairs by the pool. The staff are incredibly friendly, they run awesome free workshops, and it’s a 1-minute scooter ride (or a 15-minute walk) to the popular Finns Beach.

They also have locations in Ubud and Cambodia.

Memberships at Outpost Coworking Space start at $49 USD /month.

#8. Los Libros Del Passage, Buenos Aires, Argentina (actually a bookstore/cafe)

This final co-working space is technically a cafe located inside a book store but it has been one of my favourite places to work from.

Imagine floor to ceiling books. Pure heaven.

This picture does not do this place justice. The best part to pull out your laptop from inside that door you see in the photo.

It also has a lot of natural light, and plants which I also personally love to have in my workspace. I should also mention that yes, they do serve food here too. Can it get more perfect?


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