Digi Youth Portal: Sve što želite znati o online učenju

29 okt

The portal you came across, probably in your search for resources on digital tools and online learning, is created and administered by South East European Youth Network (SEEYN). Our vision is to create a place where youth worker, trainer, educator, young person, or anyone curious about anything digital connected with youth work and non-formal education, could find theoretical and practical inputs about the topics. We are striving to also provide space for community interested in using and creating digital tools for youth work and non-formal education, to grow together with the growth of this portal’s content.

DIGI YOUTH is part of the project “Youth Work in Progress” , supported by European Union through the Erasmus + program, but this wasn’t the first initiative SEEYN had in the field of digital youth work and e-learning in non-formal education. Our journey into experimenting with the introduction of digital tools, and then online learning in our educational work, has been exciting, both encouraging and discouraging at times, but overall valuable experience that we are eager to share with you.

More information:  digiyouth.seeyn.org

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