10 mar
Nermin Kurtić

What is happiness? Surely one would give the answer that happiness is simply when you are happy. But that poses another question. What makes us happy? If one would ask a kid what makes him/her happy, they might say that a nice, big ice cream in the summer is their happiness. If, on the other hand, one would ask an adult with a low paying job, mortgage loans waiting to be payed out, he/she might respond that winning the lottery would make them extremely happy. Furthermore if one would ask a teenager what he/she finds happiness in, they might say that buying an expensive car would make them really happy. In all of these examples we have a pattern of „happiness”. The entire happiness of these examples comes from the outside, from the material world. In this essay I will argue that that is an entirely wrong approach to the concept of happiness, and being happy.

What is wrong about this approach is, if we only make ourselves happy with something that comes from the outside, eventually we are going to run out of it, or simply get bored of it. And that happens to everyone. We get something, maybe a new phone, computer etc., and in the course of 1-2 months we just get bored of it, and move on to new things. Thus, in relying on purely the material things of this world, we make our happiness only temporary, we only feel happy in those moments when we finally get the things we wanted for so long. To put it in scientific terms, when we go shopping and buy all kinds of things, our brain releases hormones called endorphins and dopamine. These hormones give you a temporary feeling of bliss, pleasure and elevate your mood. But the key word here is „temporary”. It is a similar kind of feeling the drug addicts get. And as them, people just keep wanting for more and more material, external fixes, to keep their happiness at a certain level. But, in time, these „hungers” will grow beyond the point of our happiness, and we will not be able to satisfy it. This is what is called „The material happiness”, which has a lot of flaws. A different approach to happiness would be the internal, state of emotional happiness. Furthermore, this kind of happiness, the internal one, is regulated by only ourselves. It does not depend on anyone else, other than ourselves. In this case, aswell, happiness can not happen on its own, it has to be a result of a continuous and challenging work. True happiness comes from within ourselves, and should only depend on ourselves. The reason for that is, if we put our happiness into someone elses hands, we can not be certain that that someone will keep it safe, and that it will be as important to that someone, as it is to us. A person that wants to be happy, first needs to decide from within to be happy, and start working on himself/herself to grow spiritually. This implies that the person needs to spend some alone time, and think about their thought of themselves. These days, people seem to be so afraid of being lonely that they fail to recognize a toxicity in their social connections. Selfish, untrustworthy, and overall adverse people inflict more harm than good to their friends simply by being around them. Yes, life is rather lonely, and people die alone shortly after they are brought into this world alone. But this is something inevitable, that no one is able to postpone yet. Therefore, there really is no point in focusing on the negativity in our lives. It would be much better for us to focus on building happy and healthy lives for ourselves. Simply to focus on being happy no matter what happens. If a person chooses to be happy, it will be a difficult road, but a much healthier one than relying on outer aspects of life to provide that happiness, and it will be a much more satisfying kind of happiness.

To conclude, happiness is something that has to come from within, in for us to feel truly happy. Happiness in its best form, is not somewhere out there, in the external, material world, it is in us, and we have to reach it. We can not let something else, other than ourselves, be in charge of that happiness. In the end, it is YOUR LIFE, so live it, and try to be truly happy.

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