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The WIPO Internship Program supports WIPO's mission to promote innovation and creativity for the economic, social and cultural development of all countries through a balanced and effective international intellectual property system, enabling interns to learn about the core values and initiatives of WIPO.
The WIPO Internship Program provides an opportunity for interns to complement their educational experience and to develop their professional skills and experience through participation in work in an international context. WIPO also benefits from the contributions of interns, who bring fresh perspectives and knowledge of the latest research in their specialist fields.

Categories, Duration and Stipend

Category I:

a) individuals who have completed their first-level university degree; and
b) individuals enrolled in postgraduate-level studies who have not completed their coursework and the final thesis.
The length of Category I internships shall normally be three months. Category I internships may be extended if justified by the specific needs of the employing program, subject to the approval of the Human Resources Management Department (HRMD), provided that the total maximum length of the internship shall not exceed six months. Interns in Category I shall receive a monthly stipend of 500 Swiss francs.

Category II:

a) individuals enrolled in postgraduate-level studies who have completed their
coursework but not the final thesis; and
b) individuals who have completed their postgraduate-level studies.
The length of category II internships shall normally be between three and six months. Category II internships may be extended if justified by the specific needs of the employing program, subject to the approval of HRMD, ad provided that the total maximum length of the internship shall not exceed 12 months. This category of interns shall receive a monthly stipend of 2,000 Swiss francs.

This Roster notice applies also to all WIPO external offices (i.e., offices outside Geneva) which are responsible for engaging interns locally. The stipend rates shall be paid in the local currency and shall be aligned and adjusted with the local context following consultation with HRMD.

Main duties:

Specific assignments are reflected in the Terms of Reference fixed by the Supervisor on a case by case basis and according to the needs of the Unit/Department where the intern is placed.

WIPO offers internships in the following fields:
-Law / IP Law
-Economics / Statistics
-Information Technology
-Technical Cooperation Services
-Project Administration
-Administration (Finance, Human Resources, Procurement, Program planning)
-Patent/Trademark examination
-Other areas (Communications / Conference Services/Security…)


Completed first-level university degree or higher.
Graduates will be eligible to apply for an internship no more than two years after completion of their most recent university degree or postgraduate studies.


Proficient computer skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other relevant IT programs/applications).
Good analytical skills.


Excellent knowledge of English.
For most internships, excellent drafting skills in English are required.
Knowledge of any of the following WIPO working languages would be an advantage: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Qualified candidates from unrepresented member states of WIPO and underrepresented geographical regions are encouraged to apply. Please visit our website for further information on the above.

Candidates are required to complete a cover letter / letter of motivation as part of their applications.

Interns are expected to work full time.

WIPO shall not be responsible for arranging travel, visas and/or accommodation nor shall WIPO cover any related costs. If necessary, WIPO may provide the intern with assistance in obtaining an entry visa.

An internship shall not, in any way, be interpreted as a commitment to future employment with WIPO. Interns are not eligible for employment on a temporary appointment or a non-staff contract for a period of two months following the end of their internship.

Candidates are requested not to contact us to inquire on the status of their applications. Only selected applicants will be contacted.
Please see our website for additional information on our internship program.

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