Western Balkans Alumni Association traži video producente za učešće na eventu u Ohridu

14 feb
Rok prijave 18.02.2018

Western Balkans Alumni Association (WBAA) is now receiving applications for a video producer, who will take part in the official kick-off event in Ohrid, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, from 15 to 17 March 2018.

WBAA is searching for a talented young video producer or team who will be in charge of recording our kick-off event which will take place from 15 to 17 March 2018. A video producer should cover all that happens at our event and create several highlight videos which we could share with our alumni, stakeholders and wider audience. She or he should be well equipped with all the tools and equipment necessary to create and edit the video. We would highly appreciate if a video producer has an experience with development of animation videos.

In case you are interested, we would be delighted to receive your application, including CV and the prior work (at least 2 videos) by February 18th at [email protected]

Deadline for application: February 18th

Benefits: Fully covered stay in Ohrid and a compensation of 500 Euros

Target group: Young talented artists coming from one of the Western Balkans countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia)

Više informacia: [email protected]

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Autor Emina Mumić