Volite putovati? Ova kompanija će vam platiti da 3 mjeseca putujete Evropom

7 mar

IF YOU’VE ALWAYS DREAMED of seeing Europe but cared more about racking up Instagram likes than saving money for a trip this past year, you could be in luck. Busabout, a company that provides busing services in Europe and Asia for “free-spirited travelers,” is bringing on four talented travelers to document an epic trans-Euro adventure — and get paid for it. The trip, a hop-on-hop-off adventure that sounds much like a cross between the best road trip ever and a spot on your favorite band’s bus for their summer tour, aims to promote Busabout’s services as an affordable way of seeing Europe.

The lucky “hires” will visit 47 cities across 15 countries and see some of the continent’s most iconic spots, including the Swiss Alps, Rome, Barcelona, and many more. Oh, and the party kicks off in a little spot called Paris — maybe you’ve heard of it? The catch is that you’ve got to work. Specifically, you must be a social media whiz. The company is looking for one vlogger, one blogger, one Instagrammer, and one Snapchat/Instagram Stories pro to send on the road.

Sound like you? Get your application in before April 17. Don’t rush your application — since being digital savvy is critical to being selected, take the time to craft a compelling video and polish that resume. The trip, including the selection of winners, will be finalized in May. The lucky four will have just enough time to pull together any necessary travel gear and give their “real job” enough notice to (hopefully) maintain a good relationship before hitting the road for the summer.

Here’s what you need to know before applying:

  • You’ll have to create and upload a public YouTube video
  • Posting on social media using #busabout and #ultimatetravelsquad as much as possible certainly isn’t going to hurt your chances.
  • Follow their instructions specifically! Don’t eliminate yourself from the running simply on a technicality.

More informations here and here.

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