VISAthing program razmjene za studente u Sarajevu i Prištini

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Rok prijave 31.10.2017

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo (YIHR BiH and YIHR KS) are organizing an exchange program targeting the issue of the visa regime, restrictions to freedom of movement and youth mobility in the region. The VISAthing Exchange Program consists out of two study visits, one to Prishtina and one to Sarajevo, and is targeting young people who are currently based in these two cities and willing to travel with their Bosnian/Kosovar travel documents.

Why VISAthing?

Since the establishing of the visa regime between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo (2012 and 2014), traveling from one country to another with documents issued by the two governments became a nightmare for almost everyone who wants to travel – individuals, tourists, those who visit relatives, organizers of exchange programs, professionals, even government officials. A lot of those quit of traveling because of the “visa thing”. The YIHR regional network and our activists tackled this issue a few times in the past, but now we want to show how this “visa thing” works in practice.

About the program

Participants will be introduced to the work of the YIHR regional network with a special focus on regional cooperation and get an insight on the visa procedures in both countries. Preparatory meetings at YIHR offices in Prishtina and Sarajevo will be held in the period of three weeks before the study visits during which participants will actively take part in the procedure of obtaining visas for both visits, their visit to the other city and the visit of the others to their city. This part of the program will be ongoing during November 2017.

Study visits to Prishtina and Sarajevo will last for four (4) days each, and will include historical and cultural orientation of the city and country, presentation of visa procedures made by participants, meetings with institutions in charge of visa issuing, meetings with politicians to discuss BiH-Kosovo relations and the state of regional cooperation, meetings with representatives of Bosnian/Kosovar community etc. The Prishtina visit is scheduled for November 27-30, 2017. The Sarajevo visit is scheduled for December 4-7, 2017.

Who can participate?

Participants should be able to attend the whole program, including preparatory meetings and both study visits – in Prishtina and in Sarajevo. Participants should be based in Prishtina or Sarajevo to be able to take fully part in the program. We are looking for senior undergraduate or recent graduate students in the field of law, political science, international relations or journalism, willing to travel with Bosnian or Kosovar travel documents and who show interest to deal further with the visa issue once the program is over. Field of studies will not be a selection criterion, so if you are not part of this target group, but you have a strong motivation, we encourage you to apply.

How to apply?

Those interested to participate can apply by sending their CV (max. two pages), motivational letter (max. one page) and at least one follow-up activity idea (one paragraph).

All applications should be send in English not later than October 31, 2017. Prishtina-based applicants should send their applications to [email protected]. Sarajevo-based applicants should send their applications to [email protected]. Uncomplete applications and those send after October 31 will not be considered.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions related to the VISAthing Exchange Program or need more information, please contact Rasim Ibrahimagić at [email protected] (YIHR BiH) or Gjylymser Nallbani at [email protected] (YIHR KS).

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