Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Germany

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Rok prijave 07.04.2016


Organisation: Auslandsgesellschaft SachsenAnhalt eV
Location: Magdeburg, Germany
Deadline: 07/04/2016
Start: 01/10/2016
End: 30/09/2017

Are you interested in intercultural exchange and Europe? Do you want to gain experience in international youth projects or youth information? Do you want to improve your knowledge of German?

The Auslandsgesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt, an umbrella organisation with more than 30 member organisations, works in the areas of development policy, European and international exchanges and the integration of immigrants into German society. Every year AGSA organizes “Eurocamp”, this is an international youth project with approx. 100 participants from over 30 countries. All the participants live together in order to share their different cultures. Besides, AGSA holds seminars and training courses to promote international youth work.

The volunteer will take part in the project: “Living and Learning in the one-world-house”, that is a long term project and gives the opportunity to be involved in the planning of our youth projects and to explore diverse fields of activity.

The volunteer will work as assistant for an AGSA employee, in a specific work field and his/her own working place in a shared office. They will gain a lot of cooperation with other volunteers. Through the practical work the volunteer will develop our international contacts and will be involved in our international activities. This can also create new possibilities to cooperate in our international work and to lead youngsters to take part in youth exchanges, volunteer work or youth education.

At the same time the volunteer will improve his/her knowledge about German and his/her language skills, and that will be useful for his/her future career opportunities indeed.

During the year the person is expected to develop an independent way and put his/ her personal project into operation.

The accommodation for the volunteers is a shared community-flat, shared with European or national volunteers from ours and others organisation but also with students. The volunteers will have their own room and they will share kitchen and bathroom.

More information about tasks, criteria and procedure find here.

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