Unlimited radionica u Sarajevu pod nazivom “Fast Prototyping with Meteor-Kitchen”

25 okt

Note: This is not a cooking workshop, but do bring your aprons, because we will be cooking!

Did you ever have crunch time with your deadline on project or your backend friend is too tired and not answering the calls? Well don’t worry anymore, because we have a perfect workshop for you that will help you catch the deadline and bring stable full-stack solution on the table. You will learn about fast prototyping and using Meteor-Kitchen CLI and intermediate course of Meteor.js framework.

Our job is to describe the application and Meteor Kitchen is there to write the code for us, but for this I need you to have a laptop and have a quick glance of Meteor.js and Meteor Kitchen documentation.

If it is not such a fuss, please install following:
Meteor.js – https://www.meteor.com/install
Meteor Kitchen – https://www.meteorkitchen.com/docs/cli/getting_started

If you don’t do it, don’t worry you will have time to do so on our workshop!

This workshop is powered by AntColony team. Mentors: Tarik Mehić & Faris Kunić. Working language: English and BHS languages.

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