UNESCO: Poziv za dostavu prijedloga fotografija koje ilustruju novinare koji rade svoj posao

17 jun
Rok prijave 15.07.2018

UNESCO is inviting professional photographers from all over the world to send a sample of their best photographs illustrating journalists while doing their job.

UNESCO is looking for images that depict journalists working in different situations, for example:

  • International and/or local journalists working on investigations into cases of corruption or political wrongdoing;
  • attending trials, press conferences, demonstrations, or major public events;
  • gender dynamics in journalism;
  • threats posed by Internet harassment;
  • journalists working in digital media;
  • the everyday life of a journalist; and
  • scenes from the newsroom or TV/radio studio.

The photographs will be chosen for their artistic, creative and original content.

UNESCO will establish a contract with the photographers and purchase the selected photographs, whereby non-exclusive rights for the selected photographs will be granted to UNESCO.

Requirements for proposals:

  • Maximum of 12 photographs;
  • Color, minimum resolution: 350 dpi, minimum size: A4;
  • Photo caption in English or French for each photograph with information (place, time, subject);
  • Price per single photograph.

Proposed photographs can be send to [email protected].

For more information click here.

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