UNESCO nagrada “Emir Jaber al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah” za digitalno osnaživanje osoba sa invaliditetom za 2018/2019: Otvoren poziv za nominacije

12 sep
Rok prijave 30.09.2018

Candidates (individuals and institutions) must have distinguished themselves through outstanding activities that have contributed to the digital empowerment, as the processes whereby people are able to have more power and control over their lives, particularly in terms of greater inclusion, participation and contribution to societal development as well as enhanced life experiences.

UNESCO places special emphasis on the ways through which information and knowledge can contribute to the empowerment of persons with disabilities notably by:

  • formulating policy, advocacy, co-operation and partnerships;
  • creating and developing digital solutions, enabling environments and processes, including tools and resources; and
  • building and strengthening capacities of people to create, adapt and use digital solutions in a cost efficient and sustainable manner.

The Prize recognizes the converged nature of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and adopts a broad definition of the term digital solutions as a combination of:

  • Digital technologies: any digital informational or communication device or application, including but not restricted to mobile phones, computers, laptops, televisions, radios, satellite systems, networks, hardware, software and applications;
  • Digital resources: content and information that are accessible through digital technologies; and
  • Enabling environments and processes: standards, tools, physical, technical and online infrastructures, resources and locations.

The total amount available for the Prize biennially is USD $ 40,000, which will be distributed equally between the individual and the organizational winners. No later than on 30 September 2018, all applicants must complete the application form, either in English or French, available separately for individuals and institutions online.

Nominations can be endorsed and proposed by Ministries in charge of relations with UNESCO, National Commissions for UNESCO and Non-governmental organizations having official relations with the Organization.

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