UNESCO: Inicijativa za pismenost – Poboljšanje uslova u digitalnom svijetu u 2017

6 feb
Rok prijave 19.02.2017

The UNESCO, in partnership with Pearson, is seeking innovative and existing digital solutions to help include low-skilled, low-literate youth and adults in the information society and improve their livelihoods.

If selected, applicant’s live digital solution will be profiled as a case study in the Initiative for Literacy: Improved Livelihoods in a Digital World in 2017. The cases will benefit from high visibility on the UNESCO website, form part of project presentations at international conferences and inform the future work of UNESCO.

The study is looking beyond the traditional education lens to link the use of inclusive digital solutions with improved livelihoods and lifelong learning.

Focus Areas:

  •  e-Health services;
  •  e-Agricultural extension services;
  • e-Administration/e-government services;
  • e-Services for migrant people (for example, those fleeing conflict and crisis);
  • e-Green/environmental services (for example, creating more sustainable consumption and production patterns).

How to Apply

Applicants can apply via given website.

For more information, please visit UNESCO-Pearson Initiative for Literacy.

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