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The Internet Governance Forum that took place at the United Nations in Geneva from the 18th to the 21st of December 2017 had the theme: ‘Shape Your Digital Future.’ Internet Society Youth Fellows saw the need to increase youth participation in Internet Governance Issues. Even though we are digital natives, young people are secluded from the decision making table on policies and issues affecting the internet that has shaped and continue to shape our daily lives.

The Digital Grassroots Ambassador program is an initiative to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Build a positive narrative on youth participation in Internet Governance
  2. Engage youth in resolving internet relation problems at community level
  3. Introduce youth to participation in Internet Governance through mentorship
  4.  Use Internet Literacy as a tool to accomplish Sustainable Developmental Goals

The Digital Grassroots Ambassador program will include:

  1. An Internet Literacy Coursework tailored to accomplish the SDGs
  2. A community engagement activity that will be done by selected Ambassadors
  3. A 4 week mentorship program with a mentor to induct Ambassadors to Youth Participation in Internet Governance
  4. The course is 100% Online

○ Between 14 and 29 years old in 2019
○ Interested in using the Internet as a tool for social good and development
○ Community Centred individual passionate about sharing information
○ Applications encouraged from persons from regions facing Internet related challenges including access problems.
○ You do not need prior experience in Internet Governance to participate
○ Applicants are encouraged to join the Digital Grassroots forum for news updates (Optional).

Applications Open: 17 April 2019
Applications Close: 10 May 2019 11:59pm UTC
Successful Applicants Notified: 31 May 2019

APPLY HERE: https://www.digitalgrassroots.org/p/apply-to-be-ambassador.html

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