Trening u Zadru pod nazivom: Novo pokretanje digitalnih preduzeća

10 sep
Rok prijave 26.09.2018
Project “Independent Young Women in Digital Entrepreneurship Era” aims to build capacity of youth workers & women in competences for digital entrepreneurship and digital entrepreneurial learning through youth work in our communities and on European level. The project consists of several activities, and one of those is this training course “New Digital Enterprise Start-ups”. The training course will be organised in Zadar, Croatia from 30th October to 7th November 2018.

The training course will gather 24 participants from 6 organisations and countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovakia and Montenegro).

Specific objectives of the training course are:

• To empower youth workers and build their competences for development of NFE/youth work programmes for digital entrepreneurship start-up among youngsters (young women), beneficiaries in our communities
• To share realities on and experiences with (un)employment situation and NFE and vocational programmes existing for entrepreneurship among youth and of young women in particular in different European countries
• To increase knowledge about the new era entrepreneurship
• To increase knowledge and competences about the IT sector and competences to promote digital entrepreneurship among young people in our countries
• To develop competences to further empower youngsters in our communities for digital entrepreneurship
• To increase participants’ competences for creating (IT/digital) entrepreneur-friendly learning environments in our youth work

Training course is based on the approach, principles and methods of non-formal education. The language of the training course will be English.

The participants should fulfil the following criteria:

• To be active youth workers or young women interested to become active as peer educators within our organisations
• Willing to apply & multiply the knowledge received
• Willing to take action in the field of empowering young women for digital entrepreneurship
• Willing to enter into partnerships with participants from different organisations/countries
• Able to attend and be active during the entire duration of the training course and to implement local workshop with young women after the participation at the training course
• Age above 18 and able to follow the programme in English language.

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