Trening: Adapting existing enterprises to Digital Revolution

20 dec
Rok prijave 28.12.2018

Project “Independent Young Women in Digital Entrepreneurship Era” aims to build capacity of youth workers & women in competences for digital entrepreneurship and digital entrepreneurial learning through youth work in our communities and on European level.

The project consists of several activities, and one of those is this training course “Adapting existing enterprises to Digital Revolution”. The training course will be organised in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina in February 2019.

The training course will gather 24 participants from 6 organisations and countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovakia and Montenegro).

Specific objectives of the training course are:

  • To empower youth workers and build their competences for development of NFE/youth work programmes for adapting traditional enterprises to Digital Revolution among youngsters (young women), beneficiaries in our communities
  • To share realities on and experiences with (un)employment and entrepreneurship among youth and of young women in particular in different European countries
  • To increase understanding of Digital Revolution and benefits of Digital Transformation
  • To increase competences for relations with Prosumers, customers changing behaviour in the Digital Economy
  • To develop knowledge on process and skills in digital tools for adaptation of traditional companies to Digital Revolution
  • To increase participants’ competences in Digital Strategy development

This course will take place in Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovinia) from 19th to 27th February 2019. Application deadline is 28.12.2018.

For more information visit here.

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