Training Course on New Media “Youth of Today”

30 jul
Rok prijave 10.08.2016

The main aim of this training course is improving Information and Communication Technology (ICT) competences of youth workers needed for successful initiation, implementation and promotion of activities/projects outreaching young people of today.

Training Course “Youth of Today” which will be organized in Macedonia from 10th to 18th of September 2016.


– Gain competences needed for using new media tools in projects, participation and information campaigns aimed at young

– Find out more about non-formal and cooperative web-mediated learning;

– Learn how to use different web tools which can help you in building and maintaining sustainable partnerships with other

– Gain skills for using different web and creative media tools (such as blogs, web sites, social networks, audio/video messages,

– Expand and share your knowledge in possibilities of Social Software and New Media and their practical usage in youth work;

– Improve skills in virtual communication with young people and identify the ways for practical usage of the digital media for outreaching, empowering and increasing the participation of young people;

Participants will be accommodated in hotel in the city of Bitola (or near), Macedonia. Organisers will provide 3 meals and 2 coffee breaks per day. The selected participants will receive the detailed Info-Pack with more information about all practical issues of this training and other useful information.


– 100% of the total travel costs will be reimbursed ONLY for the cheapest way of transport (according to the travel costs table which you can find in attachment);

We invite participants to apply for this training and fill out the online application form HERE and submit it until 10th of August 2016.

More information in attach files.

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