Testing Mixed Reality Smartglasses with Google Espresso

12 nov
Rok prijave 16.11.2018

The QA November continues here in Symphony!


This Meetup will be something special and a real treat for QA engineers and enthusiasts. Our QA engineers Amer Gasevic and Adnan Islamovic will lead us into one really interesting and challenging project. They will present some of the interesting aspects and challenges that we faced during the testing of the mixed reality smart-glasses using Google Espresso. Pay us a visit and find out how they used this unique tool to overcome some really interesting QA challenges. They will also discuss some of its functionalities, and why they chose it over some more common technologies on the market. How did they cope with the biggest issues they had during this effort? Join us and find out!

Event Timing: November 16th 2018 5:30PM
Event Address: Symphony Sarajevo, Vrbanja 1 – Sarajevo City Center 17th Floor

Sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/2GRDMqaiG4Vt3NyC2

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