Švedski institut poziva mlade iz BiH da se prijave na program Inovativni lideri

25 feb
Rok prijave 10.03.2019

Are you interested in learning more about innovation ecosystem regionally and globally? Take the opportunity to create networks in Sweden and western Balkans, develop as a innovation leader and learn more about innovation ecosystem.

The Swedish Institute (SI) is pleased to welcome applications to SI Innovation Leaders from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia. The call for applications is open between 18 February – 10 March 2019.

The aim of SI Innovation Leaders (SIIL) is to contribute to the innovation ecosystem in the western Balkan region. The goal is to create a platform for knowledge exchange and problem solving between innovation field experts within private sector, public sector and academia, with the help of Swedish expertise and experience.

The countries that participate in the programme SI Innovation Leaders during this first year are Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia. By the end of the programme you will be a part of a strong network of innovation ecosystem experts for a strong and innovative future in the western Balkan region.

The Programme will give you:

  • A network of leaders working with innovation ecosystems in Sweden and the western Balkan region.
  • Increased knowledge and practice about effective collaboration between the private sector, the public sector and academia (triple helix).
  • Increased innovation ecosystem leadership competence.
  • Insights into Sweden’s innovation ecosystem, one of the leading innovation ecosystems in the world.
  • Exchange of experience with prominent practitioners in business, the public sector and academia – both in Sweden and your region.

Learn more about the programe and how to apply on the SI website.

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