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Volunteers take responsibility for all activities of SHL work in Germany after a four week preparation phase with the former volunteers and the staff of SHL. Afterwards they mainly work independently in the Neumünster office but can rely on their colleagues support at any time. They have enough freedom to set their own impulses and amend and improve their projects.


Facts about the Income Voluntary Service in Neumünster:

  • Duration: 13 Months (middle of July 2019 until middle of August 2020)
  • Location: SHL Office in Neumünster (Schleswig-Holstein, Northern Germany)
  • Payment of a monthly pocket money of 284 €
  • SHL offers a central appartment and covers all costs
  • 26 vacation days
  • Pedagogical support during the voluntary service
  • Participation in a preparation, midterm and final seminar and the opportunity to participate in further internal and external trainings
  • a two-week trip to our project partners in Southeastern Europe

Requirements for the voluntary service:

Depending on which position you want to apply, different skills and competences are necessary. Very important are in general:

  • Ability to work in a team and willingness to compromise
  • Self-confidence and responsibility
  • Empathy and tolerance
  • Interest in working with youth

For the successful participation within the voluntary service the applicant should have experience in voluntary/youth participation or engagement (e.g. student councils, youth organizations). Experiences in planning and conduction workshops/seminars as well as the confident interaction with youth groups.

Here you find the description of the jobs.

Special requirements for volunteers from abroad within the Incoming Program:

According to state regulations an incoming volunteer necessarily needs to have his permanent residence outside Germany and German may not be his native language. Further the volunteer may not have spent more than six months continuously/without interruption in Germany within the last five years.

The applicant should be between about 18 and 23 years and have a good command of German language. This means at least level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (which does not have to be proved by certificate). SHL will financially and organizationally care for a perspective of gaining further language skills before and during the voluntary service.

Necessary administrative measures for the granting process of a residence permit and the recognition process for the driver’s license will be accompanied by Schüler Helfen Leben. All expenses will be covered.

Your application

From now on you can apply for the Income voluntary service 2019/20 at SHL!

The complete application documents consist of:

  • an one to two sided motivational letter (You describe, why you have decided to make an Income voluntary service at SHL and where your motivation comes from. Also you show us, why you are the right person for the voluntary service)
  • a tabular CV
  • the completed questionnaire
  • You can add certificates and qualifications (i.g. of youth work,project or job experience) to your application

Please send your application to  [email protected]

Application deadline is February 17th 2019.

Questionnaire for the application is available here.


After the end of the application deadline SHL will check all applications and inform you shortly afterwards about the further selection process. There will be interviews with preselected candidates between 4th and 8th of March 2019 in several Western Balkan countries.


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